March 29, 2021

29th March here we come!  Grassroot football restart and a return to some exercise and greater normality for our kids.

In all seriousness, the Covid0-19 crisis is not yet over.  We are permitted now to restart grassroots football, but must maintain Covid-19 safety measures until further notified of lockdown relaxations by the government (could be 21st June, we hope).

Linked below are the FA guidance documents applicable to parents/carers and players.  Please read these for your information to help us keep everyone, coaches, parents/carers and players, safe at our events and sessions.

Included and linked below is a shorter reference on the guidelines.  please print a copy of this if you can, to keep with you for reference.

The entire updated FA guidance is found here.

The FA guidance document for all participants is found in this link.

BCC FC risk assessment is found here.

BC FC risk assessment for Kayte Lane site is found here

The club reference sheet is found in this link.