November 5

Silent Support Weekend



Please join with us in supporting the FA Silent Support Weekend 5th-6th November. The aim is to combat the very real increase in poor behaviour at grassroots and youth football fixtures.

I hope you'll believe me when I tell you that while they're on the ball, the kids can barely hear a word, so any instructions shouted are just distracting noise. Applause and praise will praise the player's spirits. They will play better as a result.

For example - have you ever seen a tired professional player towards the end of extra time suddenly sprint the length of the pitch when they score the winner? Their opposition didn't - they all look dead on their feet.

How we feel really does affect physical performance, so help your team feel good about themselves, winning or losing, and they will play better.

Just as importantly - criticising them will make them play worse. So don't do it, and ask others not to also.

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