2022 Bishops Cleeve Colts FC Football Festival – Information

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We hope all our guests this weekend will enjoy the return of our annual summer Football Festival!  Please find useful links and information below.  For any urgent enquiries or assistance please contact the festival control point: 07514 969451

Please check Site Layout & Pitch Allocations details below to determine which site you will be based at; Bishops Cleeve FC or the Bishops Cleeve Parish Sportsfield.

Parking for both sites:
Cutbridge Meadow parking

Blue badge parking for Bishops Cleeve FC site:
Blue badge Bishops Cleeve FC parking

Blue badge parking for Bishops Cleeve Parish Sportsfield site:
Blue badge parking Sportsfield

Programme errata
  • Sat 25th: U14 Boys / Mixed (Green) - Group 2: Winchcombe -> Bourton Rovers - Yellows
  • Sat  25th U10 Boys / Mixed - Group 1: Bishops Cleeve - Rovers -> Prestbury Tornadoes
  • Sat  25th U10 Boys / Mixed - Group 2: Prestbury Phantoms -> Prestbury Hurricanes
  • Sun 26th U16 Girls - City of Gloucester A absent, City of Gloucester B absent
  • Sun 26th U16 Girls - Repeat fixture schedule created (U16 Girls Too), each team plays each other twice, in the same schedule as the original, skipping void games and bringing fixtures earlier.  Fixtures retain their 'match number', website shows both fixture schedule with separate league tables, league tables will be combined at the end to determine winner and runner up for Cup Final
  • Apologies - early results slow due to re-planning for U16 Girls groups.

Site Layout & Pitch Allocations

PNG download here.

Site Layout

Saturday 25th

U8 Mixed - Pitch 1-2
U10 Mixed - Pitch 3-4
U10 Girls - Pitch 6-7
U12 Mixed - Pitch 13-14
U14 Mixed - Pitch 9-11
U14 Girls - Pitch 8
U16 Mixed - Pitch 12

Sunday 26th

U9 Mixed - Pitch 1-3
U11 Mixed - Pitch 11-12
U12 Girls - Pitch 9-10
U13 Mixed - Pitch 6-8
U15 Mixed - Pitch 15-16
U16 Girls - Pitch 13
U17 Mixed - Pitch 14

Emergency Plans

PDF download here.

Emergency Plans for Kayte Lane Site
Emergency Plans for Parish Sportsfield Site